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Banking law, insurance, financial law and capital markets

Banking law, insurance, financial law and capital markets

Our team has extensive experience in the field of finance, insurance and capital markets. We provide consultancy services to national and foreign banks, security brokers, collective investment funds, pension funds and other financial institutions in all areas of their business activities.

We provide legal advice to both existing and new entrepreneurs in relation to activities in the capital market, in the preparation and implementation of an IPO, in the preparation of standard documentation for financial products, in the field of insurance, for major loans, in connection with regulatory and operational issues. We also prepare legal analyses of financial portfolios.

The consultancy provided in this area by our team typically includes:

  • Representation of clients and consultancy in negotiating all types of loans, including acquisition, export or syndicated financing;
  • Preparation of loan and security documentation, analysis of proposals of bank loan contracts;
  • Preparation and review of documentation for financial products and their hedging, including general terms and conditions;
  • Analysis of and dealing with regulatory issues related to the activities of national and foreign banks, security brokers and other financial institutions;
  • Legal assistance in connection with a public offering or private placement of securities and financial instruments in the Czech Republic and with the acceptance of securities for trading on public markets in the Czech Republic;
  • Takeovers and squeeze-out;
  • Securities law, law of exchange;
  • Establishment and licensing of funds of qualified investors and real estate funds;
  • Consultancy in the field of insurance law;
  • Transactional and regulatory consultancy related to trading in derivatives and structured financial products;
  • Regulation and compliance with legislation of the European Union and the Czech Republic, including representation in regulatory disputes.