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Authorised document conversion

Our firm carries out authorised conversions of documents under Act No. 300/2008 Coll. We provide this service to both natural and legal persons, who have established a data box by law – conversion of a data message from a public authority (decision, certificate, etc.) in paper form with the effect of a public document.

The data message from the data box cannot just be printed. Such a document is only a copy of the text in a particular message. It cannot however be used as a valid and effective public document at the public authorities. Therefore, document conversion is used and we will be pleased to carry it out for you.

Authorised conversion means a complete conversion of the paper document into electronic form or a complete conversion of the electronic document into a paper form. The document, which is the result of such a conversion, has the same legal effectiveness as a certified copy. A verification clause attached to each such converted document is also stored in a central repository of verification clauses.

Conversion from paper to electronic form - the client brings a document to be converted. The result is either saved on an electronic medium brought by the client or it can be sent to the so-called Depository, i.e. a repository of converted documents, where it can be picked up by a client at any time later.

Conversion from paper to electronic form - the electronic document that the client wants to convert can be brought either on a CD/DVD or a flash drive, or it can be sent from the client's data box to the co-called Depository (data repository). In this case, the client will bring confirmation of the document deposit into the data depository for the purposes of conversion, which shall include their unique identification.

Please send the conversion ticket to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the requirement for the conversion and the number of converted outputs required.

Against the payment of the respective fee, we will prepare the paper converted document for you for personal collection, or we can send it to you to the address you specify.

Please specify also the billing information for the conversion fee in the email message.


  • for 1 page of a converted document − CZK 30 excl. VAT.