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Family law

Family law

For family and personal matters, we offer a broad range of legal services like assistance in drafting premarital agreements, settlement of property relationships and help in divorces in particular.

Divorce is as old as a marriage. If you are in a situation where a divorce is the only option, it is always optimal to try to reach a so-called uncontested divorce, i.e. divorce agreed by both spouses. If you need any advice in divorce proceedings, please contact us, we can help you.

The GRUBNER & PARTNERS team has been dealing with family law cases and provides legal assistance to clients in both non-judicial and judicial proceedings in the following areas:

  • Advice in matters of property settlement;
  • Preparation and negotiation of premarital agreements;
  • Narrowing of the joint property of spouses;
  • Representation in divorce proceedings – for both contested and uncontested divorces;
  • Property settlement upon dissolution of marriage – drafting agreements for settlement of marital property;
  • Childcare – representation in proceedings on the settlement of relations with minor children (single parent child custody, preparation of all necessary agreements);
  • Representation and advice in the alimony proceedings for children (adult and minor), spouse, divorced spouse;
  • Collection of due alimony;
  • Determination of paternity, etc.