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Criminal law

Criminal law

The choice of defence counsel in criminal proceedings is crucial and necessary in the case of the protection of rights in criminal proceedings to ensure the use and correct evaluation of the supplied evidence, which would be favourably considered when deciding on guilt or punishment. On the other hand, a lawyer can also be used to ensure a number of rights of persons harmed by crime, in particular in the area of compensation, damages for pain and suffering and diminished social function, and their exercise in the course of criminal proceedings.

In criminal law, we provide our clients in particular with the following services:

  • Conducting defence in criminal proceedings (in particular, economic crimes, offences against property, offences against life and health, etc.)
  • Juvenile defence
  • Representation before the court and prosecuting authorities
  • Consultation, preparation and submission of criminal complaints
  • Representation in pre-trial proceedings (designing evidence, assistance for all investigative operations, acts leading to release from custody, etc.)
  • Drawing up regular and extraordinary remedies (appeal, complaint, appellate brief, complaint for violation of the law, proposal to allow the reopening of proceedings, constitutional complaint)
  • Preparation of documentation for the conditional cessation of criminal prosecution
  • Representation of the injured party in adhesion proceedings (compensation for damages in criminal proceedings)
  • Representation of the persons involved
  • Representation in administrative infraction proceedings