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Employment law, HR and social security

Employment law, HR and social security

In the field of labour law, the team of attorneys collaborating with Grubner & Partners deals with all the agenda related to the drawing up of employment contracts and agreements on work performed outside employment, development of internal regulations of the employer, the creation, modification and termination of employment, wages and salaries, obstacles in work and also with the responsibility for damages, safety at work, discrimination issues, etc.

The team of Grubner & Partners lawyers has extensive experience with debt collection in its entire scope: it can handle the issue of contracts, promissory notes and bills of exchange, processing agreements, proposals and actions, preparation, implementation and enforcement of collection of debt, enforcement of decisions and the issues of collection by distraint, including representation at the courts to recover debts.

In this area, we particularly provide our clients with the following services:

  • General consultancy in all areas of employment law;
  • Consultancy on employment and management contracts, termination of employment or cancellation of office, compensation and other benefits (including preparation of relevant documents);
  • Consultancy on immigration law;
  • Legal aspects of the employment of foreigners (e.g. work permit, residence permit);
  • Consultancy on various matters related to trade unions and on the provisions of collective agreements.