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Competition and EU law

Competition and EU law

Our team of lawyers provides legal services with a focus on representation in proceedings at the Office for the Protection of Competition (merger of competitors, public procurement, representation of competitors and consumers, particularly in connection with the law on unfair competition), as well as any legal advice related to EU law.

In this area, we particularly provide our clients with the following services:

  • Comprehensive consultancy in the area of competition law, including disputes and unfair competition;
  • Comprehensive legal advice in the field of unfair competition, i.e. concerning allowable and prohibited conduct in competition, especially in the issue of comparative and misleading advertising, domain names, use of trade names, protection of commercial secrets, parasitic competition, disparagement and legitimate defence, causing a likelihood of confusion, deceptive labelling, etc.;
  • Preparation and commenting on compliance programmes;
  • Representation of clients in proceedings at the Office for Protection of Competition, national courts and European institutions;
  • Representation of clients in disputes relating to compensation for damages, both as plaintiffs and defendants, including representation in relation to preliminary rulings and enforcement of judgement;
  • Assessment of the application of EU laws in all transactions;
  • Intellectual property: European trade marks and patents;
  • Free movement of persons, services, goods and capital: residence of foreigners, sending employees to foreign assignments, provision of financial services.