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Unfair competition and the right to protection of personality

Unfair competition and the right to protection of personality

Grubner & Partners is ready to provide its clients with legal assistance in the area of economic activities in the market and to check whether your conduct is or is not consistent with the rules of the competition, or whether it constitutes an unfair competition. In the case of a transfer of an undertaking or its part, mergers, transfers of members' securities or shares, Grubner & Partners will examine whether such a step is not subject to approval by the Office for the Protection of Competition, and it can also offer assistance in obtaining such permits.

Our services in this particular area include:

  • Comprehensive consultancy on competition law for competitors and other market participants, including in relation to disputed matters;
  • Representation of clients in discussions and administrative proceedings at the Office for the Protection of Competition;
  • Comprehensive legal advice in the field of unfair competition, in particular concerning comparative and misleading advertising, domain names, use of trade names, protection of commercial secrets, parasitic competition, causing a likelihood of confusion, deceptive labelling, etc.;
  • Representation of clients in disputes relating to unfair competition, both as plaintiffs and defendants.