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Administrative law

Administrative law

Has the administrative authority decided against you and you do not know what to do? Your driving license has been taken away? Or you have been requested to provide an explanation, for example, in the case of a traffic accident? 

A team of Grubner & Partners lawyers will certainly be able to help you and propose the best solution for you:

  • Assistance to clients with the preparation of documents for administrative proceedings, application for zoning permits, building permits, etc.);
  • Representation of clients in proceedings at administrative authorities, e.g. in relation to zoning and building permit proceedings, misdemeanour proceedings, tax matters, traffic offenses, and many others;
  • Representation of clients in proceedings concerning regular appeals against administrative decisions (appeals, resumptions of proceedings);
  • Representation of clients in judicial review of administrative decisions (action brought to an administrative court, appeal against administrative court decisions at the Supreme Administrative Court);
  • Representation in proceedings at the land-registry office (insertions, registrations and deletions of rights);
  • Misdemeanours (filing a complaint, representation of injured persons / those accused of committing a misdemeanour, drafting appeal);
  • Consultancy concerning building permit proceedings;
  • Representation in the application proceedings for Czech citizenship, representation of aliens with the foreign police, asylum matters;
  • Arranging small-trade authorisations (business licenses) and their changes.