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Debt collection

Debt collection

GRUBNER & PARTNERS provides comprehensive services to clients in the area of debt management and recovery. In collaboration with renowned distrainers and security agencies, we ensure the effective collection of account receivables and resolution of disputes in the Czech Republic and abroad.

In this area, we particularly provide our clients with the following activities and services:

  • Communication with debtors;
  • Preparation and administration of calls for payment;
  • Extrajudicial debt collection using field workers;
  • Examination of the debtor's property position and of related personal and business relationships;
  • Drafting distraint records directly enforceable throughout the territory of the Czech Republic;
  • Initiation and management of judicial or arbitration proceedings resulting in the final admission of the client's claim;
  • Representation of clients at oral hearings;
  • Initiation and management of distraints effectively in collaboration with renowned distrainers;
  • Purchases of portfolios of claims.